Sunday, January 6, 2013

Apocalypse by Troy Denning

This book wraps up the Fate of the Jedi series and wasn't too bad.  As I've mentioned before, I prefer the Expanded Universe books which are not about the characters portrayed in the movies, but I guess those are the popular ones.  This book suffers less add-a-kid syndrome and had some well-written action.  The main villain is a little hokey and seemed unnecessary.  Why not have the Sith and the Jedi battle it out?  Why bring in some nebulous bad guy?

I recommend this book if you've already gotten in to the series.  If you haven't, save it for an airplane trip.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beefin' up my bodyweight exercise routine

The past couple of months I've mostly been doing bodyweight exercises for my strength training, but I feel the intensity is lacking.  Part of the problem is I'm driving an extra 25 miles each way to work and that cuts into my free time.  I think I'll get up 15-20 minutes earlier to start up the Fitness 666 program.  It seems interesting and I'd really like to be able to do a muscle up.  The program is also based on exercises I'm already doing and will provide a bit of structure which shouldn't burn me out.

I'm strong now, but I'd like to get stronger.  I also feel much better when I exercise more intensely.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cholesterol and other CBC results

Before going on Christmas vacation, I went in for a physical and they drew some blood.  I just got the results back:
  • 163 mg/dl total
  • 63 mg/dl HDL
  • 59 mg/dl triglycerides
  • 88 mg/dl LDL
My HDL is above the recommended range and my LDL is just below which means I have a negative risk factor for coronary heart disease.  I exercise pretty frequently, but I also eat a ton of saturated fat because what I've read suggests saturated fat, from animals and coconuts, is what our body needs.

My white blood cell count was low at 3.4 K/UL, my mean platelet volume was high at 11.4 fL, my monocyte percentage was high at 18.1% and my lymphocyte number was low at 0.9 K/mm3.

I'm not that kind of doctor so I don't know if these flagged numbers are bad or not, but the physician's assistant didn't seem too concerned so I'll let it ride.