Saturday, August 18, 2012


I have to admit that I'm biased about this movie because my sister-in-law worked on it (she made puppet heads).  I got to see a special screening of it a week before it opened along with employees and friends and family since Laika is in the Portland area.  Laika did Coraline which I really liked since I like dark stories.  ParaNorman is dark for a kids movie, but more light-hearted than Coraline.  The animation/puppetry is tight and visually appealing.  The plot is tight and the movie doesn't feel like pap put out just to sell toys like most Dreamworks' movies.  There are some funny parts and a good message.  The voice actors are appropriate and do a great job.

We got to see it in 3D and it was a nice bonus since it wasn't over-the-top with stuff coming at you all the time.

I think this movie is appropriate for kids older than 5, but adults should enjoy it as well.  I highly recommend it.

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