Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hiking near Tongue Mountain

I signed up for another hike near Lake George with the Hiking Mates group through Meetup. We met in Clifton Park at 7 and tooled up to the trailhead. I got to ride in a nice Infinity and I shot the shit about houses and whatnot with a husband and wife that I met on last month's hike. They're pretty cool for sure.

The weather started off good, but it did rain a bit during the last third. I think we hiked about 10 miles, but it might've been a little less. My scheme of petroleum jelly on the usual spots where I get blisters plus liner socks proved out as I am blister free today. I did get bit a couple of times so I need to remember bug repellant for next time.

I was able to hike at a quick pace for most of the hike, but there was a straggler or two holding up the group. I like to hike quickly to keep my heart rate up to get my fat ass in shape.

Here's a video of some clips I took with my Flip Mino. I'm trying to capture a yellow bird in one clip and a frog in another. You can see him hopping around if you look closely.

I've now done two hikes around Lake George so I think I'm ready to see a different part of this area for sure. I'll have to poke around the upcoming hikes to find something good.

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