Friday, May 15, 2009

House progress

So far so good. I've signed the contract and so have the sellers so I guess it's with the lawyers now. I talked to my mortgage broker and he's going to start filling out the mortgage application. I've got all the documentation he needs except for W2's from 2007 and 2008. I have them, but they're boxed up and in storage. I just need to hit up Spansion to get them to fax them to me or hook me up with access to print them.

I've been thinking what to work on first. I think I want to get a pool table by the end of the year and an outdoor kitchen in time for next summer. I'll pimp the outdoor kitchen out with a wood firing oven, a wood firing barbecue, a sink attached to a garden house and some counter space and cabinets. The whole thing'll sit on a concrete slab with some sort of lattice work above. Maybe I can get some plants to grow on it. That would be pretty good. Or maybe I could put up some solar panels. That would be even cooler. I'm not sure what they would power though. I guess they could power a battery pile which could power a small fridge and some lights. That would be pretty cool for sure.

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