Tuesday, May 12, 2009

House buying update

I went and looked at a place on Sunday and it was kick ass enough that I put in an offer. That offer was rejected so I put in offer + 5k. That offer was rejected, but I accepted counter offer 2 = offer + 10k. Kick ass. I still need to get the place inspected and the attorneys need to look everything over, but it seems like I'll be the proud owner of a house on June 24. About fucking time considering I'm 33 years old. I still haven't done jack shit with my life, but at least I'll get to jack in my own place. It has a nice open plan and a jacuzzi. I'll have to put that to good use for sure. I'll take out the bar so I can fit a pool table and I'll replace the ugly ass green carpet in the main bedroom with bamboo flooring.

I'll have to think of ways to eco-pimp it: solar attic fan, tankless water heater, energy efficient windows, etc. Those all cost money, but directly add value to the house and save me money.

I'll also get an $8k tax credit next year and part of my closing costs include money for property taxes so I should be ok financially.

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