Thursday, May 21, 2009

White trash

I realized in the car today that I feel there are a lot of white trash in the Albany area. That got me thinking as to what my official definition of what white trash is. It's one of those "you'll know it when you see it" kind of things, but maybe I can flesh out the definition a bit. Being white trash doesn't necessarily mean you're poor. However, being white trash does mean that you have bad taste. You'll also be more likely to buy something cheap instead of something with value. I think that explains the proliferation and success of Wal*Mart. The stuff they sell there is usually crap, but it's cheap. Never mind that those jeans will wear out after a year, they're only $20. White trash are also less likely to accept the consequences of their actions. They generally aren't that well educated and look down on people who are. They have small dreams and generally amount to jack shit.

White trash people are found in trailer parks driving Hyundais and Pontiacs because they go for the lowest initial dollar amount rather than something that will last. They usually have a lot of kids who watch a lot of TV and misbehave. White trash people also smoke like crazy.

One big indication of being white trash is how you drive. White trash drive recklessly, changing lanes often without signaling, tailgating, running red lights and rolling stop signs. White trash doesn't realize that stop lights in most places are synchronized to driving the speed limit. If you drive faster then you'll get caught at a red light.

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