Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fitness update

I hadn't done P90X in roughly 2.5 weeks until this morning thanks to the long break.  I did do 30 pushups every other day in Portland, but that's just small potatoes.

I weighed myself this morning and my body fat percentage is as low as it's been in two years which is great.  I feel strong and definitely think my gluten-free diet is working so I recommend folks out there give it a shot as well.  Don't replace wheat with gluten-free baked goods because they likely contain starches with nearly as high of a glycemic index.  Eat more vegetables and nuts instead.

I struggled to complete my P90X workout this morning because it's been a while.  I've lost the ability to do even a few pullups which is pretty depressing because I have a goal of doing 50 by September.  I'll do my best and will accept the results.

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