Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fitness update

Since basketball ended, I've been struggling a bit to stay fit.  I tried doing some calisthenics, but I don't think they're enough.  I joined a club where I can play squash and I think that helped, but I jacked my knees up last Sunday hiking so I didn't make it this week.  Bum deal.

There is a disappointing uptick in the chunk this month, but the past couple of weeks are going in the right direction so I think I can lose five pounds of chunk next month which would put me near my record low fat.  I've been eating pretty well and have been able to cut out gluten and sweet snacks with a few exceptions.  I'm going to eat homemade stuff people bring to work, but nothing storebought.

You might notice it's been five years since I started this challenge.  In those five years, I've lost twenty pounds of which all are fat.  I've also lost six inches from around my gut.  I think that's a big accomplishment, but I think I can get down around 180lbs with ~20% body fat and a navel circumference of 32 inches.

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