Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hike up Noonmark and Round Mountains

On Sunday I hiked up Noonmark and Round Mountains which are in the Adirondacks.  You can park at the lot on Ausable Rd just off Rte 73 near Keene, NY.  The weather was nice and the bugs weren't too bad, but I jacked up my knees coming down.  I'm not sure if they're defective or it's just because it's the first hike of the season, but I had to hobble the last couple of miles back to the car.  It's been three days and they're still sore.

The hike was a little more than 7 miles in total and my moving average was a slow 1.8mph due to the elevation gain and my bum knees.

Anyhow, the route up to Noonmark is pretty steep, but you get some awesome views of the Adirondacks as you'll see in the following pictures.

Pointing the way to the top.

I threw a gang sign at the top of Noonmark.

The USGS marker on Noonmark.

View 1 from Noonmark.

View 2 from Noonmark.

View 3 from Noonmark.

View 4 from Noonmark.

View 5 from Noonmark.

View 6 from Noonmark.

View 7 from Noonmark.
Throwing a gang sign on top of Round Mountain.
Noonmark as seen from Round.

Elevation profile.

Route seen in Google Earth.

My friend took this one with his superior camera.

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