Sunday, July 29, 2012

July track work

I figured I get enough interval training with squash so now I hit the track to jog as many laps as I can.  I finish off by running some stairs.

Of course, I hit the track a couple of times in early July, but that was using my larger GPS watch and I haven't bothered to upload that data to my Garmin account.  I'll also try to figure out how to export the calendar.

On Friday, I was able to run at a pace of 8:49/mile, but this morning I got it down to 8:35/mile and was able to do two more laps.  My goal is to run better than 9 minute miles, but I think now I should shoot for 8 minute miles.

I felt pretty good running and it helped loosen up some of the joints which were sore because of squash.  It might be more interesting to run around a neighborhood, but there aren't a lot of sidewalks where I live and I like being able to stop any time I want for whatever reason.

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