Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cholesterol and other CBC results

Before going on Christmas vacation, I went in for a physical and they drew some blood.  I just got the results back:
  • 163 mg/dl total
  • 63 mg/dl HDL
  • 59 mg/dl triglycerides
  • 88 mg/dl LDL
My HDL is above the recommended range and my LDL is just below which means I have a negative risk factor for coronary heart disease.  I exercise pretty frequently, but I also eat a ton of saturated fat because what I've read suggests saturated fat, from animals and coconuts, is what our body needs.

My white blood cell count was low at 3.4 K/UL, my mean platelet volume was high at 11.4 fL, my monocyte percentage was high at 18.1% and my lymphocyte number was low at 0.9 K/mm3.

I'm not that kind of doctor so I don't know if these flagged numbers are bad or not, but the physician's assistant didn't seem too concerned so I'll let it ride.

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