Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poor physical discipline

I ate four cookies today at work and I'm not happy about it.  Some dude was celebrating 25 years with IBM and there were cookies in his honor.  I'm not sure why I had any, let alone four, but I guess I was hungry and hungry for sugar.  A sugar addiction is just like any other so I guess I had a relapse.

I felt sick almost immediately so I guess I had done a pretty good job of weaning myself off wheat/gluten.  I got a headache almost immediately and I feel pretty cruddy now.

I had been doing a pretty good job, but apparently not good enough.


postyum said...

Don't stress out too much about it. The goal is to be consistent with 'eating right' as much as possible over your lifetime--there's always going to be times when you veer off track a little. Own it and move on back in the right direction.

I mess up all the time at work--especially on sugary snacks like gummy bears. I tell myself it's OK since it's not as heavy as a cookie/brownie/cake...but still, I need to stop making excuses.

Jeremy said...

Heh. For me, I need constant and consistent food discipline or I'll slide back into bad habits and wreck the progress I've made over the past few months.