Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sugar and einkorn

This morning I was sad to see that my waist chunk grew by 0.5 inches over the past week.  I had been pretty stable at 36", but not this morning.  This week was a recovery week in P90X, I ate a lot of sugar (ice cream, gluten free banana bread, einkorn cookies) and I had some gluten (einkorn pasta, einkorn cookies).  Any of those could increase the chunk, but I'm thinking it was the excessive sugar.  I've been eating vegetarian this week, but I haven't been eating enough so I've been snackin' on the sweet stuff.  The more of it I eat, the hungrier I get.  Weak sauce.

The einkorn wheat flour worked well in the cookies.  They taste just like they should except they're a little chewier and a little denser than with hybridized wheat.  I'm not sure if my blood sugar spiked because of the wheat or the sugar.  My housemate got some einkorn pasta and I tried some Thursday night.  It tastes just like regular wheat, but is a little denser.  It's definitely a transparent substitute though I'm not sure if the gluten is going to undo the progress I've made since going mostly gluten free.

I'm going to make pizza dough with the einkorn flour tomorrow so I'll get a better sense of what happens since I'm going to cut way back on the sugar.  The rest of the banana bread went into the freezer and I'll limit myself to just one cookie per day.

The cool thing is the man boobs have greatly reduced by going gluten-free and that's always a good thing.  I'm pretty ripped outside of my spare tire and that fat will be the last to go.  Unfortunately, visceral fat is the worst for you.  The good news is I know what I can do to get into shape so I just need to have discipline.

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