Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sports update

I had some Monday night shenanigans which allowed me to come in first again.  Most importantly, my brother came in last because he left a lot of points on the bench.  He's still leading for the season, but he's $2 poorer now.  Hell yeah.  My NO crew has been good to me and the gravy train should continue.  I need to find another quarterback though.

I didn't bowl all that well tonight, but I wasn't really in the mood so I shouldn't be surprised.  I bowled a 133, a 124 and a 123 for a nightly average of 127.  I didn't bowl below my average in any game so that's cool.  We only won one point though so I think we're tied for first with the team that beat us tonight.  Oh well.

P90X is going well and I'm back in the groove.  I'll have nearly all of it finished before I go to Portland for Christmas so my "final" results may not be as good as they actually are due to holiday piggin' out.  I think I've still made good progress over the past three months so I'm not complaining.

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