Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trip out to Oregon for Thanksgiving

I finally got around to resizing and posting my pictures from my trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving this year.  I spent the first half of my vacation in Portland at my parents' house.  I played a lot of cribbage and hung out with my family and a couple of friends who were available.

The second half was spent in Lincoln City which is on the coast.  It rained the first and last day we were there, but not much in between so I was able to get some walks in.  I really like the sound of the ocean and it was relaxing.  The rest of the time was spent watching college football, eating and hanging out with my extended family.

The beach house my mom's brother rented was cool and was certainly large enough for the lot of us.  The food was excellent.  I didn't keep to my pseudo-paleo diet, but it's all good.

You can find the picture vomit here.  All pictures were shot with my Droid X.  I plan on using my next patent award (there are two in the works) to get a DSLR, maybe something like this Canon.  I think I'm ready to upgrade to something beyond a point and shoot.

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