Sunday, February 5, 2012

Exercise ramblings

Heh.  My strength workouts weren't tough enough so I added in a challenge for calf raises.  Actually, I wanted to have three leg exercises (squats, calf raises, glute-ham raises) to balance out the three upper body exercises (pullups, pushups and dips).

I did a complete workout this morning and I feel pretty strong.  I'm close to being addicted to the exercise high I get and I'm definitely starting to see a return of definition.  My torso is getting much leaner as well which is always appreciated.  I'm not body dysmorphic, but I don't want to embarrass myself in a swimsuit or at the beach.

I measured my body fat yesterday and clocked in at 22.7% which is either a new low or damn close to it.  I've been making very significant gains in fitness since the new year and I'm convinced I'll get down to my challenge target of 20% shortly.  I think I'd like to be around 180lbs so that means I can have up to 36 fat lbs.  I'm around 41 lbs now so just five more to go.  I don't think it's unrealistic to assume a fat loss of 1 lb/week so I should get close to my target by my 36th birthday in March.  Sweet.

I have fun playing basketball even at my current fitness and skill level, but I think I would be less frustrated if I were in better shape.  I'm now known as the "energy guy" since few people there know my real name.  It means I get to guard the other team's energy guy or sometimes I have to guard the other team's biggest dude.  It didn't work out too last Thursday because the biggest dude is really big and could push me off the block.

Being in better shape would allow me to hold my position more easily, to make faster/quicker cuts and to jump higher which helps with rebounding and defense.  I'm already one of the better rebounders despite being of average height, but it would be nice to be able to block more shots.

Keep reading this blog for periodic updates with pictures and I think you'll soon see me getting ripped.

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