Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday ramblings

This week I started sleeping in the middle of my bed for the first time in something like ten years.  Before I would always just sleep on the left side unless I was in my old twin bed that I had growing up.  I guess that side of my current latex mattress squeaks a bit (well, the wood underneath does) and I toss and turn a lot so I decided to sleep in the middle.  It should help flatten the mattress out as well though I find myself falling into the body groove I've made.  I'm not sure why I got a king-sized bed other than it wasn't too much more than a queen-sized one and there is plenty of room in my bedroom.

I think I'm going to have some good numbers tomorrow because I've mostly avoided wheat and sugar this week.  I've kept up with my strength training and it's working.  I feel a lot leaner and I could probably do twice as many pullups now as I could four weeks ago.  Sweet.  I'll try to take a shirtless photo tomorrow to prove the progress, but it can be difficult taking a self-portrait with just one hand.

Not much else has been going on lately.  I've been busy at work and got my spotlight award today along with two patent awards.  It's always nice to get extra cash, but I had already spent the money on my new camera, a bean bag chair for my great room and some other stuff.  I left my Stressless chair in the basement/man cave because it's a lot of work to move up and it provides more seating down there.  It leaves nothing for upstairs though since my housemate took her couch with her.  There are kitchen chairs, but they're really damn uncomfortable.  I could get my own couch, but I don't feel like spending the money to crowd my house.  I'll try out the bean bag chair and see how it goes.  If I like it and I get a bonus, I can get another one.  I have no idea when they shipped it though.  I'm used to Amazon Prime gettin' me stuff in two days or less so it's hard for me to wait for other stuff.  Amazon has cut way back on the number of products which are Prime-eligible which sucks, but is understandable since they need to make money.  As a stock holder, I definitely approve of them making money.  Prime is still a good deal, but I'm sure it'll cease to be one in the next few years.  I'm not going to worry about it now.

It snowed here this morning, but it didn't last long.  It's been a strange winter, but I'm not complaining too much because I've saved money on heating and time on shoveling out the driveway.  I hope to have a bad ass 4x4 mobile before next winter so I'll just drive over whatever's in the way.  Those who know me well know I don't like to be confined so a bad ass 4x4 fits me because it allows me to go where I want.  My managers at work are slowly learning that I don't like to be micromanaged either.  Well, no one likes it, but I'm sure some can tolerate it better than me.

I wish the food cart craze would make it to the Albany area, but I feel like this place is the last to get anything.  People around here are pretty stoked that a Trader Joe's and a Costco will be here this fall.  Uh...yeah.  Fun times.

Sweet.  I just checked my Netflix queue and Game of Thrones will be released on Bluray in early March.  I moved it to the top of my queue to try to get in line for some of the early copies, but I'm sure I'll need to wait a while for it to show up.  I liked the books and heard HBO did a kick ass job with the series.  It'll be interesting to see if the characters look anything like they do in my imagination.  I thought the last book was a bit rushed even though he took something like five years to finish it, but it was still pretty good.  I think he needs to wrap up some storylines quickly though or it'll turn into the Wheel of Time which has dragged a bit.

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