Sunday, February 19, 2012

I was fairly productive this weekend.

I didn't really do anything social this weekend, but I was able to get a lot of errands and chores done.  I made a pot roast Saturday night that turned out well and cooked some chicken thighs in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner so I'm now fully strapped with gluten-free food for the week.

I did my workout Saturday morning which went ok except I'm not where I should be with the body weight dips.  The program assumes you're doing them with a chair or a bench, but I'm using a dip station which means I'm lifting my whole body rather than some smaller fraction.  I'll keep at it, but I'm not sure 150 is a reasonable goal.

I re-assembled my guest bed so I'm now ready for... guests.  I set my new camera to fully auto and took what seems to be a much better picture:
It's hard to tell the quality since Blogspot only takes compressed image formats.  In any case, it's actually in focus, unlike my previous attempt.  Heh.

I also watched the entire Knicks-Mavs game this afternoon so I got my first taste of Linsanity.  I usually root against NYC teams on principle, but I found myself rooting for the Knicks.  He has quickness, a good shot and excellent court vision, but he dribbles too much and has trouble driving to his left.  When he gets trapped, he puts his head down which makes it hard to pass out which explains a couple of his many turnovers.  I think his turnovers will go down as he becomes more comfortable, but he's keeping both teams in the game at this point.  It'll be interesting to see what happens when Anthony comes back since he's a Grade A ball-hog.

I sat down at my computer to plan out how to spend all the bonus, refund and award money coming away.  Of course, I already spent one patent award's worth on my new camera, but I've got another one plus a spotlight award.  As soon as my Sharebuilder 1099 comes in, I can file my taxes and then I'll get a big ol' pile of scratch.  I think I can save up the majority of it for a down payment on a bad ass Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon this fall, but we'll see.  Something unexpected may break down between now and then.  I hope to get a bonus in April, but those aren't guaranteed so I shouldn't plan on it.

I'm scaling back my vacation plans this year to save some money and to save some vacation days to go to Australia in about a year.  I was planning on a southern-central road trip around Memorial Day, but it doesn't seem to make as much sense now.  I guess I'll see if I get that bonus since it could fund a long weekend trip to NO and Austin.  I usually try to get away on the holidays so it would be a shame to spend Memorial Day here.  I wouldn't mind going somewhere warm either.

I wasn't completely gluten-free this weekend, but I had much less than during the week so I'm easing into the detoxification which is probably the best way to do it.  It might explain why I had more energy this weekend as well.

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