Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fitness update

Even though I ate like crap this week, the numbers are pretty good.  The plots show a plateau, but I think I can break through by staying Paleo and by continuing to exercise daily.  I've been moving pretty well at basketball and squash so my hard work is paying off.  I've been doing my wall slides diligently and my shoulder mobility has improved.

I can now deadlift my body weight for reps and am nearing triple digits for bench press and shoulder press.  I still can't squat, but I'm getting close.  I can get into the proper low-bar position with minimum pain with the bar in the rack, but can't take it out without my lateral deltoids squawking.  It'll get there soon.

I took my bike into the shop for a tune-up and got a new helmet, pedals and shoes.  I also discovered my bike fits into my car easily if I take the front tire off which means I can take it to work and ride during lunch.  I have a bike rack, but I'm worried about someone jacking my bike or removing my computer and light.

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