Friday, April 5, 2013

Straightening out my posture

I haven't been able to squat since my back is a bit rounded so I asked my chiropractor about it during my monthly appointment on Wednesday.  He said my back is a bit rounded with a protracted neck.  He pointed out it's nearly impossible to pinch your shoulder blades together with neck protraction so he recommended I continue the LYTP raises and prone Bruggers, but to add a little weight.  I'm using the 3lb weights from my weight vest set and it seems to be enough to provide resistance.  The Y raises are the ones that give me the most trouble.

He also recommended an exercise he calls a wall angel which is similar to a wall slide.  You stand with your back to a wall.  Put your arms up with your palms facing away from the wall.  Keep your butt, your skull (retracted neck), your upper back, your elbows and the backs of your hands on the wall and move your arms like you're making a snow angel.  If you have good scapulothoracic mobility, this exercise should be easy.  If you're like me, it's borderline painful.  I can't get my elbows and my hands/wrists to touch so I flex my wrists to have my fingers touch.  It's not ideal, but is better than nothing.  He recommended ten repetitions twice a day which I've done.  I can definitely tell it's working because I feel much more aligned with reduced neck protraction.  It's also less painful each time.

I'm going to keep at it along with Bruggers stretch and will try to squat every Sunday.  I'm not going to force it and will only squat if I can get the bar into the correct position with no lateral deltoid pain.  It could take a couple of months, but it's better I get stuff squared away than risk serious injury.

He did save me a trip to a physical therapist because they'd likely have me do the same exercises, but in an office.  I probably should be on the computer less often, but my job demands it.  We'll see how this improved posture impacts my sleeping and my sports.

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