Friday, March 25, 2011

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse

I got my REI dividend yesterday and I decided to spend it on a dual-fuel lantern.  I lost power about a month ago and my LED lantern wasn't quite bright enough to satisfy me.  It's also good to have an LED lantern for inside a tent, but a real fuel one for outside to light the way when you roast marshmallows or squirrel or whatever.  The light from my LED lantern is diffuse and doesn't go that far.

The one I got burns either unleaded gasoline or white gas rather than propane.  If the zombie apocalypse hits us, I'll have light fueled by gas scavenged from abandoned cars.

I should get Zombieland from Netflix again to remind myself of other skills I'll need to survive the end of the world.  I probably should get a crossbow and some survival knives.

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