Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The Blazers beat the Spurs last night in San Antonio.  I don't care if the Spurs were injury depleted since a win's a win.  Portland has now beaten SA twice in the past week.  Sweet.  They need to build some momentum towards the playoffs.

I need to get my sorry ass out of debt since I need to get new garage doors and new openers.  I had my performance review and it went better than last year so hopefully I'll get some extra cash in a couple of weeks.  We'll see and I shouldn't count on it.

A local news station is running a campaign to get people healthier.  They have an Albany med school professor in the ad which is cool except she's pretty chunkified.  I don't like fat doctors since it's hypocritical.

My dad's out here for work and we met up last night for Mexican with a couple of his coworkers.  We went to El Mariachi and it was pretty good.  I recommend the place and would go back again.

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