Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bike ride

I picked up my bike last night from its tune up.  I had also gotten speed pedals along with speed shoes.  I opted for the kind of shoes you can't really walk in on recommendation from my boss.  He claims the wider pedals are easier and I didn't know any better so I listened to him.  The dude at the bike shop also had the same opinion.  I gave it all a shot today and like using speed pedals, but I'm not sure I like this style.  The shoes are not good for walking around and I wasn't able to easily dismount.  I damn near fell off my bike onto a tree when I was practicing in my driveway and I don't know how easily I could dismount on command.  I gradually got the hang of it, but I think I might try out the other style in the future.

I ended up riding around the area for about an hour.  My ass is a bit sore, but my knees feel fine.  It's gorgeous out so it was good to get some sunshine.  A lot of people were out running and biking.

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