Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fitness update

May has not been a good month for me health-wise.  I've been eating like crap and it shows in increased chunk and foul moods.  I'm going to fix it by starting a hardcore Paleo detoxification on Tuesday.

The good news is I have been keeping up with my strength training.  I'm definitely getting stronger, but I'm just building muscle under the fat rather than getting ripped.  It's definitely better than nothing, but I need to exercise discipline.

I bought a few new fitness gadgets like ab rollers with two wheels so I can do them one-handed.  I also bought an ab wheel you can put your feet on so you can crawl around.  A friend helped me install my fitness rings so I've started using those.  My goal is to build functional strength and power which means I need quick muscles and quick muscles come from loose muscles.

You can definitely see some upward trends in the measurements related to chunk.

Here is a link to my progress picture album.

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