Friday, January 1, 2010

101 in 1001 days

No lame ass New Year's resolutions for me. I'm going to start the project where you try to do 101 things in 1001 days.

I'm officially starting January 1, 2010 and need to finish by September 28, 2012.
  1. Visit Norway
  2. Get tattoo of stave church
  3. Add seven names to list (3/7)
  4. Buy a gun
  5. Join a tennis club
  6. Get body fat percentage to below 20% on my scale - Currently at 28.4%
  7. Reink first tattoo
  8. Get Blazers pinwheel tattoo
  9. Finish level 3 of Rosetta Stone Spanish
  10. Finish level 3 of another Rosetta Stone language
  11. Visit Phoenix, AZ
  12. Visit Austin, TX
  13. Buy a Washlet
  14. Buy a badass truck
  15. Take five cooking classes (0/5)
  16. Learn to drive a manual transmission
  17. Visit the Caribbean
  18. Buy a dual flush toilet
  19. Learn a relevant programming language
  20. Plant an herb garden Completed 5/1/10
  21. Replace roof Completed 5/12/10
  22. Update kitchen
  23. Finish basement
  24. Buy a pool table
  25. Visit Bay Area
  26. Put together a powerful gaming computer
  27. Correct posture Completed 11/11/10
  28. Move drums out of parents' house
  29. Finish 200 crunches program Completed 10/12/10
  30. Finish 100 pushups program (26/100)
  31. Start and finish 200 squats program (5/200)
  32. Write a book
  33. Save $10k for emergencies (4/10000)
  34. Get out of non-house debt (1.00)
  35. Get promoted at work
  36. Go to the Super Bowl
  37. Try one hundred new recipes (98/100)
  38. Join a pool league
  39. Buy a DSLR camera
  40. Go hiking at least thirty times (7/30)
  41. Eat vegetarian for a week for fifteen weeks (non-consecutive) (0/15)
  42. Finish seeing all 50 states (airports do not count, but driving through does) (35/50)
  43. Try twenty new restaurants Completed 6/14/10
  44. Go camping five times (0/5)
  45. Read ten books on WWII (3/10)
  46. Drink only water for a week for fifteen weeks (non-consecutive) (0/15)
  47. Go a week without using the computer for personal reasons for three weeks (non-consecutive) (0/3)
  48. Go to ten different museums (1/10)
  49. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
  50. Visit ten different beaches (0/10)
  51. Go paintballing
  52. Ride in a helicopter
  53. Fly first class internationally
  54. Host games night five times (0/5)
  55. Host two Super Bowl parties Completed 2/6/11
  56. Take ten boxing classes (0/10)
  57. Visit Crater Lake
  58. Visit the Grand Canyon
  59. Take ten yoga classes (0/10)
  60. Go without TV/movies for a week for five weeks (non-consecutive) (0/5)
  61. Complete 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind publicly (7/50)
  62. Cook dinner every night for a week for fifteen weeks (non-consecutive) (1/15)
  63. Take five art classes (0/5)
  64. Donate $1001 to charity (625/1001)
  65. Buy a random stranger gas
  66. Take ten martial arts classes (0/10)
  67. Buy a bike-powered generator system
  68. Learn to skateboard well enough not to fall down after 100 feet
  69. Make soap
  70. Use a swear jar for one year
  71. Do a handstand
  72. Bike to work fifty times (0/50)
  73. Do fifty consecutive pull/chinups (3/50)
  74. Leave a 100% tip
  75. Read fifty books from a Top 100 Books list (1/50)
  76. Go on a blind date
  77. Walk across England (Wainwright Trek)
  78. Build five pieces of furniture (0/5)
  79. Do not eat out for thirty consecutive days Completed 10/4/10
  80. Volunteer for fifty hours (0/50)
  81. Go to the symphony five times (0/5)
  82. Leave a $10 tip at a takeout place
  83. Read the Bible through
  84. Read the Koran through
  85. Read the Talmud through
  86. Go for a picnic three times (0/3)
  87. Go fishing ten times (0/10)
  88. Write ten letters to Congress (0/10)
  89. Go thirty days without buying nonessentials (0/30)
  90. Go to the movies alone five times (0/5)
  91. Walk/ride for charity three times (0/3)
  92. Go bowling twenty times (2/20)
  93. Make a 100 recipe cookbook with color photos of each dish
  94. Take the train interstate
  95. Take two woodworking classes (0/2)
  96. Take a motorcycle riding class
  97. Plant ten trees (6/10)
  98. Eat three pieces of fresh fruit every day for thirty consecutive days (0/30)
  99. Make five dishes featuring something I've grown or caught (0/5)
  100. Stay off Facebook for fifteen consecutive days Completed 1/29/10
  101. Fly a kite twenty times (0/20)


rly said...

wow. this list is fantastic/amazing/inspiring and crazy!!

keep us posted on these!

Jeremy said...

I would agree with crazy, but I'm not sure about the other adjectives. Thanks.

I tried to pick items that would better me and I really tried to pick items that are well defined. I found a lot of 101 in 1001 days lists with items like: "Be more conscientious." Sure, being thoughtful is great, but how do you measure your progress?

Zorana said...

Hi there,

Quite an aggressive list. Is this all supposed to happen in 2010? You better start…

I have several questions/comments about this:
1. Why would you want to visit Phoenix?
2. What is a dual flush toilet?
3. #53 will wipe out #33
4. How many super bowls are there?
5. Make soap? Now, how did you think of that?


Jeremy said...


No, the idea is you try to accomplish 101 tasks in 1001 days which is about 2.75 years.

1. My cousin and his family live in Phoenix and I've never been there. It's also close to the Grand Canyon.
2. Here's a dual flush toilet: The idea is you need less water for flushing liquid wastes versus solid so why not have the ability to adjust the amount of water flushed?
3. Flying first class internationally would be expensive so I might "settle" for business class.
4. There's only one Super Bowl and I meant hold a party for two out of the three in the challenge window. I didn't mean hold two parties for the same Super Bowl.
5. I read a bunch of lists while making my own and saw making soap on someone's so I borrowed it for my list. I liked Fight Club as well, but I don't think I'll make soap from human fat.

Anonymous said...

Right on! What a fun project to tackle. I've vowed to make 2010 my year of local tourism, as I realized (to my shame) that I had spent 3 1/2 years in the South Bay and still hadn't seen the Winchester Mystery House. So far I've seen a lot of places and have learned a ton about the local history.
Projects like yours are really cool. I hope you are able to do them all!