Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The big 3-5

Today is my 35th birthday. I try not to make a big deal about it, but it provides a topic for my blog. I'm trying to create a new post every day, but I'm starting to run out of topics and my blog may be boring enough as it is.

I don't feel any older or any wiser and I may be hitting my peak. I hope to turn the peak into a plateau, but we'll see. I've been exercising and eating well this week and I think it's improving my energy level.

I'm in EFK today and will celebrate by making and eating some marionberry pie later tonight.


rly said...

Happy birthday! Wow... I didn't know we are both born in 76!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and cheers to a great upcoming year!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Rosa.

I could've sworn you were only 27.

rly said...

hahaha... thanks. thank. I appreciate that lie!

Jeremy said...

Heh. Anytime.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day :)

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Maria. It wasn't too bad and I hit the city over the weekend to celebrate.