Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slow cooked Greek lamb

Tonight's dinner marks the making of the 100th new recipe since I started my recipe challenge.  Yes, quite a momentous occasion.  Unfortunately, it turned just alright.  I used the slow cooker cookbook my mom gave me and the recipes from there have been underwhelming for the most part, but they're fairly simple and I wasn't in the mood for anything overly complicated.

Here's a shot of the recipe:
 The lamb served over spinach with plenty of feta cheese:
I couldn't find a lamb roast at the store so I used some pre-chunked stew meat.

I declare this challenge to be finished.  It doesn't mean I won't post more food pictures.


rly said...

Congratulations! Wow! That's something! I would never have the perseverance/determination/interest to follow through with those types of goals. Props!

Jeremy said...

Thanks Rosa. Unfortunately, I haven't made much progress on the other challenges.

Unknown said...

That's pretty impressive to have cooked 100 different recipes. Congratulations on achieving your goal. What's next? :)

Jeremy said...


Thanks though I don't think it was too much work. Next up, I really need to get out of debt and to get into shape. We'll see.