Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hiking in the Lake George Preserve

Yesterday was my first hike with the Hiking Mates, a group I found on Meetup. We went up north to the Lake George Preserve and hiked up to both Thomas and Cat Mountains. I had a great time. The hike was just the right length, about 8 miles, and the weather was good. We had lunch at the top of Cat Mountain which is nice and flat and the sun even came out. I didn't bring enough food, but fortunately people in the group gave me a little bit more. I guess next time I'll bring more than just a small sandwich and some dried cranberries.

I took some pictures, but didn't bring camera to USB cable so I can't download them. I thought I had put it aside separately, but maybe I meant to and never got around to it. Weak. I can buy another cable, but I don't want to buy something I already own.

We saw a porcupine on the way from Thomas to Cat Mountain. He was just waddling around, but didn't like us so he started to climb a tree. I didn't know they could do that, but they can. I took a video with my Flip Mino. The quality is poor, but I don't care.

I took another video from the top of Cat Mountain where we had lunch.

I made sure to hike fast enough to keep my heart rate up so I was well ahead of most of the group, but I would drop back now and then to talk with people. That's sort of the point so I need to remember. The trail was not broken in and was hard to find in some places. I got a couple of blisters on my heels, but I think I now know how to prevent them. I need to wear a pair of polypropylene or nylon socks underneath my wool ones and I need to put some petroleum jelly on my toes and heels to help reduce friction which is what causes blisters in the first place. Lesson learned and I'll be better prepared next time.

I want to do more hikes with the group, but the "good" ones fill up fast. My goal is to go at least once a month, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

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