Thursday, May 21, 2009


I voted for him and was pretty stoked that he won, but I'm starting to worry that his inexperience is going to fuck things up worse. I don't really like his solutions for the banking and automotive messes and it sounds like we're going to bailout California. I know we can't let these big industries fail completely, but we should not bail them out willy nilly. Some of them definitely deserve to fail.

I know that a lot of the bailout was done by Bush, but Obama hasn't done enough to correct those mistakes.

I'm also worried about his MPG proposal. As a quasi-Libertarian, I would rather the government just tax gas enough to hit $4/gallon. Let people decide if they want fuel efficient cars or not. Picking a fleet MPG might eliminate a lot of choice. What if I have a boat and want to haul it around? Do you really think we'll have trucks that get 30 mpg?

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