Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Super sweet. Today I paid off my car loan to my parents. They bought the car for me in OR so that I wouldn't have to pay CA sales tax. I was able to pay off $21k in 21 months. Not too shabby. Now that "extra" $1k per month will have to go towards a down payment for a house and then the house and then home improvement.

Hopefully I can scrape together the money because this falling market has brought some really nice houses into my price range. I found a couple yesterday that look good on paper: 1400 sq feet, two floors, not too far from work, in great shape, 4 bed/2 bath, for just a hair under $500k.


Unknown said...

Nice work in paying off the car. It's a nice ride...particularly when I lurk and jerk it going up and down Mt. Shasta.
Pimping your own pad sounds like next on the agenda. Hopefully housing prices will continue to fall and the recession will not affect your ability to receive appropriate financing.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I was pretty stoked. Your driving wasn't that bad, but when you're used to driving all the time, it's hard sitting in the passenger's seat.

Housing prices are falling and fortunately the mess is only going to require me to put another 0.5% down. I think I'll still be able to move in to a new place in February or so. Whether I still have a job at that point is up in the air, but I can't worry about that now.

Unknown said...

Exactly - just making the jump will motivate you. Plus, it seems like you are beyond ready to have your own place. It is totally exciting! I am looking forward to the point in my life when I will be at the home-purchasing consideration/planning stage as well.

Jeremy said...

Well, the market has fallen even further so I should be able to afford something even nicer early next year. I just hope that I'm still employed then.

I think I've got some engineering/physics skills that might be in demand so I hope not to be unemployed for too long.