Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project 365: Day 13

My garbage disposal backed up a couple of weeks ago as well as stopped working and I finally did something about it today. No, I didn't fix it myself, but I paid someone to take care of it. I found a local plumber and we scheduled an appointment for this morning. He came over to see what needed to be done and then came back with supplies and his brother. I got an eye-bleaching view of plumber's crack so the proper cliches were observed.

The plumber knew his stuff. He removed the disposal, put in a nice stainless steel basket and connected it up to the drain. We tested it out and everything is back to normal.

I think he did a good job and it "only" cost me $162 which is about $80/hour including supplies and tax. Not great, but I didn't feel cheated. He also disconnected the cord from the disposal to the switch seen in the photos.

It's good to have my big sink working again. I had him remove the disposal rather than just clean it out because I'd rather compost food scraps than feed them into the water supply. Now I can snake out the pipes if necessary. I need to be able to maintain my house with as little fuss as possible.

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