Sunday, October 25, 2009

Project 365: Day 37

Being sick for nearly a week can leave one scruffy.


the fried green tomato said...

This is a really funny photo. Thought you're smiling in it, which is pretty rare, right? I took one more look - the picture is just too blurry.

Jeremy said...

The picture isn't blurry. My mirror is just really dirty.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy is good.

I don't approve of the mullet, however. I'm sure you care about that, right? ;oP

Jeremy said...

A lot of women have told me I look better with a little scruff so I try to maintain the look.

I'm not sure why you're hating on the mullet though. You haven't seen it grown out yet since I'm not there. It'll probably take another month or so.