Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yoga X

This morning I got up at 5 to do Yoga X.  I wasn't pleased to see it's a 90 minute work out and I was even more cheesed off that he just jumps right into it.  I guess that's why it's X for eXtreme and not B for beginner.  I did about 45 minutes' worth and then gave up.  Why?  Not because I'm a little baby, but because I fell over so much I wasn't really stretching or relaxing.  I'm about ten times grumpier now than when I woke up and that's not cool.

I'm not sure what to do.  I poked around on the internet and a lot of folks, dudes especially, struggle mightily with Yoga X.  Some replace it with cardio or stretching or just go for a run while most say to tough it out since yoga is really good for you.  I once read that most injuries occur within range of motion, but strengthening your stabilizer muscles is always good and will improve your performance.  There is also a shorter Tony Horton yoga DVD called Fountain of Youth, but it seems to be out of stock.

I gave up after the vinayasa (?) part with the movements and the warrior and the dogs so maybe next week I'll skip ahead to the static stretches so that I can improve my balance.  I probably should get some yoga blocks as well.

I know that it's good to challenge myself with new things, but I also want to use my time effectively and don't want to spend 90 minutes falling over.

Heh.  Most of this post has been rationalization, so I guess I should get some yoga blocks and give it a shot again next week.

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