Saturday, March 23, 2013


I like to be able to do as many sports as possible so I bought some handball gloves and a ball last weekend.  I wasn't able to try it out after squash because of a handball tournament.  I gave it a go this morning and it's tough.  It looks pretty simple - use your hand to hit a bouncy ball towards a wall.  Well, I didn't know the bouncy ball has all the softness of a golf ball.  Even with a hot water rinse and gloves, my fingers are still swollen.

I practiced hitting the ball for about twenty minutes and got good enough where I could hit it a couple of times in a row.  I whiffed quite a bit and I expect my hand-eye coordination to improve immensely.  My hands are also going to be tough as well and that's always a good thing.

My goal is to practice for 20-30 minutes every time at the Court Club.

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