Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today marked my third barbell training session and my second legs day.  I was able to squat and deadlift a plate on Sunday, but struggled this morning since my shoulders are stiff from yesterday's overhead pressing.  My legs are strong enough to squat more than 200lbs, but my shoulders aren't flexible enough to hold my elbows up which is necessary for low-bar squatting and that's the only kind I want to do.

I can't remember why I limited my deadlifting this morning, but I have to remind myself I'm trying to get stronger and not just lift more weights since they aren't quite the same thing.  Proper weightlifting involves many muscle and connector groups and it's the connectors I need to strengthen.  I risk injury by adding too much weight too quickly, but it sucks to be lifting less than the petite women on Fitocracy.  I'll get stronger eventually, but need to be patient and humble since it's not a race.

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