Sunday, March 17, 2013

The consequences of exercise

I've now completed five Stronglifts workouts and I feel pretty damn good.  I added shoulder dislocations twice a day to loosen up my shoulders so they don't bark as much during squats.  I've only been doing them for a couple of days now, but squatting was a little easier this morning.  I took a video of a squat to check bar placement and the bar's path.  I think I've got the bar in a good low-bar position, but I'm leaning a little too far forward.  I'm going to start using a tennis ball to keep my chin down which should help keep my chest up.  I will also focus on going deep, but the field of view wasn't enough for me to check depth.

I feel stronger and I'm starting to build some noticeable strength which is always appreciated.  The downside is all this testosterone has me wanting to fight and fuck.  I can take some boxing lessons to help with the first and maybe getting into better shape will help with the second.  It's hard to say.  I know there must be single women around here, but I haven't yet been able to put myself in a position to meet them.  I see some fit hotties at CrossFit when I'm at the court club, but I prefer to lift by myself on my own schedule.  I also like playing sports and can't afford two memberships.

Maybe one of these hotties will notice me watching and will come up to talk to me.  Heh.  More likely just to tell me not to be a creep, but there is usually an audience so I think I'm safe.

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