Saturday, March 30, 2013

The end of Lent

Today marks the end of Lent.  While I'm not Catholic or even religious, I like to participate since I think it's good to sacrifice.  This year I gave up alcohol and social media.  I went seven years without drinking so giving up alcohol was no big deal.  Even when I do drink, it's rarely and lightly.

Giving up social media was not quite what I expected.  I was able to wean myself from lusting after the hotties on Fitocracy, but I did miss using Facebook and Twitter.  I'm only on Facebook to keep up with extended family, but I was surprised to learn I missed tweeting my random thoughts.  My brain is always running and lots of thoughts are swirling around so I guess Twitter is a good outlet for me.

I'm just going to use Fitocracy to track my activities/progress and will try to avoid spending time checking out pictures.  It's not good for me to lust after women who are neither available nor geographically convenient.  I'm trying to reduce the amount of wanting I do so I can be more satisfied with what I already have.

We'll see...

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