Friday, August 6, 2010

Micro homes

I found this website which has pictures and plans for micro homes some of which are smaller than 100 sq ft.  One of the problems with owning a large house is you feel obligated to fill it with crap because most of us don't like to live in empty spaces.  If you had a micro house, you would have only the bare essentials.

It probably is too small for most people's daily home, but would definitely make a great vacation home.  I'd like to buy some property in the mountains and put one of these homes there.  I would install some solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity and would use either a cistern or a well for water.  I think you can get systems to recycle waste water for re-using so you might be able to get by with rainwater or snowmelt.

A cabin like the above would be a great place to get away from people, write a book or a good hunting cabin.  I think most of us take up too much space and consume too many resources.  Living in smaller houses would certainly help reduce our impact on the environment.

I looked at smaller houses out here, but they were all in bad neighborhoods or in terrible shape.

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