Thursday, March 8, 2012

No more attachments

This morning I had an epiphany that I should pay more close attention to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.  No, I'm not converting to Buddhism, but I do agree suffering is caused by craving or attachment to desire.  I realize many of the things I don't like about my life are not real, but are a reflection of how I think things ought to be.  I need to let go of attachment - to things, to people and to desire.  I need to convert must-haves into nice-to-haves.  There is nothing wrong with saying, "Wow, I think it would be cool to have an iPad 3," but it's not healthy to say, "Wow, my life is incomplete without an iPad 3."  I need to strongly divest myself of my worldly possessions or they'll start to own me.

When I say I need to let go of attachment to people I mean I need to let go of what I think they should do for me and focus on what I can do for them.

I need to let go of what I want and allow life to happen.  It's not fatalism, but rather an acceptance that my power to effect gross change is small as I am just one small part of the grander universe.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling philosophical today, but I think I'm ready for an attitude adjustment as whatever I've been doing so far hasn't exactly worked for me.

We'll see how this attitude works.

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