Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday morning bike ride

The weather isn't too bad so I thought I'd get out on my bike to get out and about.  I put some air in the tires and took off for a reasonably short route.  I ended up cutting it shorter than planned, but still biked 9.62 miles in about 45 minutes.  It felt good to be out riding, but it's a lot colder out than expected.  My legs aren't too sore, but my butt is a little bit (that's what she said, heh).

Here is a plot of speed and heart rate as a function of distance:
The peaks in the heart rate are probably some hills.  I was able to get in a decent heart rate zone and maintained around 14mph.

Here is the route I took as seen in Google Earth:
The South Albany Airport is in the lower left hand corner.  Next time, I'll add a few more miles by continuing on Creble until it runs into 32 rather than cutting over on Elm.  I didn't want to overdo it on my first ride of the season.

I think my bike is due for a tune-up as well, but I need to get a bike rack firstly.  Anyone have one they like that might fit my Mazda 3 sedan?

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