Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend recap

I spent Friday night convalescing and rallied enough on Saturday to hang out with my friend who came up for a visit.  We hit Dinosaur BBQ in Troy for a late lunch.  He had been to every Dinosaur BBQ except this one and this visit was my first.  I had a half rack of ribs, greens and coleslaw.  The parking lot was packed and it was really busy for 3PM.  Apparently, the wait can be one to two hours sometimes even though the place is huge.  I thought my food was good, but it isn't anything I'd wait two hours for.

We then hit the Times Union Center to watch the Albany Devils lose in OT to the Adirondack Phantoms.  I got us tickets at center ice in the first row.  I thought we would be up against the glass, but we were behind the benches separated by a concrete walkway.  Visibility was poorer than expected so I'd get seats maybe 7 or 8 rows off the ice next time.  I tried to get a Devils shirt before the game, but their selection and was crap and they don't really sell what I want.  The game was pretty exciting and a lot of the dudes have played in the NHL.  We got there fairly early so we got a "premium collectable" (it said so right on the box) Devil Dawgs coin bank as shown below.
I put mine on the mantel next to my Hulk mug.

Our row also scored free popcorn because some dude answered two trivia questions correctly.

After the game, we went to the Merry Monk for a drink and some fries.  I got whisky on the rocks and my friend tried a couple of beers on tap.  The fries were ok, but they were just fries.  The place seemed a little pretentious so I'm not sure I'd go back there again.  They had the fireplace cranking so it was too warm as well.

We were there about an hour and then came back.  My friend hit the hay and I watched a little basketball online.

Today I did a couple of loads of laundry, hit the grocery store and then the library to get some reading material.  I grabbed three Star Wars books.  They aren't heavy reading, but are still pretty enjoyable.  I'm trying to read all of them, but I haven't been able to read them in chronological order.

I made pesto pasta with einkorn wheat for dinner.  I added in some tuna for protein and it was pretty tasty.  Afterwards I watched the Source Code which is terrible so I do not recommend it.

I'm still feeling crummy, but I'll go to work tomorrow.  I haven't slept well in nearly a week, but I'm hoping tonight is the night which breaks the streak.  I'll take some melatonin in about half an hour to send me to dreamytime.  Somehow I have this feeling that I'll feel much better if I can just sleep eight hours, but I'm sure I'll wake myself up coughing again.  Super weak.

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