Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beefcake Challenge: End of the Year

Day 365:
Weight = 197.6 lbs (+1.0 lbs)

Body fat = 28.1 % (+0.1 %)

Visceral fat = 10 (no change)

Resting metabolism = 1882 kCal (+5 kCal)

Well, this six month challenge is in the books. I wish I was more successful, but holiday snacking set me back a little. However, I think I've laid the ground work to get ripped. I've got a trampoline for morning bouncing, I'm hittin' the track every Sunday and I'm going to start hiking a lot more. I'll play frisbee on Sunday afternoons once football season is over. I got a yoga DVD for Christmas that should help out my back and core muscles. A good friend of mine is moving up here and her boyfriend is a martial arts expert. I'm hoping he can point out some gyms that offer classes that'll help.

I think I've got the will to get into shape so that's definitely a great start.

I'll only post beefcake pictures the last Sunday of every month since I'm on to a different challenge.

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