Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fitness update

I had high hopes for this week's measurement because I've been doing my morning exercises, my crunches and my spine exercises.  Unfortunately, I ate a bit of crap this week and it's impacting the results as my body fat crept up a little.  I'm still not convinced the fat measurement is accurate because I pass the jiggle test.  Don't worry ladies I'll post some shirtless pictures once I start P90X.  I'll warn you so you can position a fainting couch because you know you're going to swoon.

My knees are feeling a little better though are now a little sore from my new spine exercise of wall squats.  The orthopaedist said to avoid squats to avoid aggravating the early arthritis, but my chiropractor taught me how to squat without putting pressure on my knees.  Squatting facing the wall forces you to maintain good posture and prevents your knees from going over your toes which is critical.  In fact, afterwards, my knees are sore on the outsides rather than inside which I think indicates I'm strengthening the tendons which keep the knees stable.

Yeah, yeah.  I probably should trust the ortho dude over the spine guy, but I think the ortho guy is part of the new American medical movement where they try to shuttle people through as quickly as possible and also give you fairly generic advice.

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