Monday, June 8, 2009

Preparing for the apocalypse

I'm convinced that the US will fall apart sometime in my lifetime. I not only want to be a survivor, but a thriver as well. I refuse to be a victim. To that end, I need to take the below steps to ensure my success:

Step 1: I need to get my fat ass in shape. If I want to be a "winner," I need to be in peak physical condition. I'm determined to get beefcake by eating better and by exercising daily. My pedometer and 50 Million Pounds are helping because they force me to keep track of my physical activities.

Step 2: I need to learn to defend myself. I need to learn some hand to hand combat, how to fire a gun and how to work a bow and arrow because there won't be an unlimited supply of bullets. I don't imagine a post-disaster word will be friendly and it'll definitely be survival of the fittest.

Step 3: I need to learn how to operate common motor vehicles. That means I need to learn how to ride a motorcycle and how to drive stick. Knowing how to perform maintenance on them will be essential as well.

Step 4: I need to learn some handyman skills. People who can build things are going to be in high demand so I want to be one of those people. I'm an engineer so I think I already have the right mindset. I should pick up some carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills.

Step 5: I need to live off-grid. The crash might be soft, but utilities will probably be the first to go. If I live somewhere self-sufficient from an energy perspective, I'll be much better off. I'll need the self-defense skills to protect my place from others less fortunate, but hopefully it won't come to that.

Step 6: I need some wilderness survival skills. I need to learn how to hunt and fish because I'll probably have to feed myself.

I'm sure there are some other skills out there, but these were the first to pop into my head.


Marilu said...

martial arts? It really must be the apocalypse. You could always just move to Canada :p

Jeremy said...

I think whatever shit goes down in the US will spread like wildfire to other countries. Just look at what happened when the US' economy went south.

The world is increasingly interconnected which is mostly good, but partly bad.

I've always wanted to learn how to beat someone up and now is as good of a time to learn as any.