Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in review

I got access to my new place on Thursday, but didn't move my stuff from my temporary housing until Friday morning. After work on Friday, I hit up the outdoor store to get a cot because my real stuff won't show up until Wednesday. They didn't have any cots so I got a thick Thermarest because I can use it for car camping as well. I slept on it Friday night, but didn't have a blanket. I got cold so I pulled my rain jacket over me. Yeah, I was living homeless style in a big empty house.

Saturday morning I hit up Sears to get a washer and dryer because they were having a good sale. I got an Energy Star front-loader. It cost a bit, but it should have good resale and got great reviews online. They'll be delivered on Wednesday. They're about 6 inches deeper than top-loaded washers, but there should be room in the mudroom. I only worry about whether or not the door can still open if the dryer sticks out a little bit. I could take out a cupboard to stack them, but with the vibration of a front-loader, I'm not sure that I want to risk it. While at Sears, I also got some odds and ends, a twin-sized Aerobed and a blanket. The thermarest wasn't cutting it as it's too thin. I slept on the Aerobed Saturday night and it was ok except the cells introduce topography. Last night I solved the problem by putting the Thermarest on the Aerobed.

Fortunately, the house has a built in island table with chairs so I could read and eat.

I spent Friday night reading as I got three books from Borders. I spent most of Saturday reading as well. I drove down to Fishkill yesterday to visit a friend and to have lunch. I got my internet hooked up this morning so I've got an alternative to reading. Sweet.

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