Monday, June 22, 2009

Walk/hike in Plotterkill Preserve

Yesterday I went for a nature walk in the Plotterkill Preserve near Rotterdam, NY. I needed the exercise and wanted to break in the new leather hiking boots I got from REI on Saturday (I drove 130 miles to Hartford, CT since that is where the closest REI is). The walk was short, but rewarding. I got to see a decent sized waterfall and I also saw an orange salamander and a green snake. I thought I heard a rattlesnake, but I'm not sure.

I didn't get any blisters, but I only walked for 1.5 hours. The boots held up well and weren't as heavy as I thought they'd be.

I took a few short clips. There was condensation on my camera for the first video which is why it looks weird.

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