Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fitness update

Rather than updating every week, I decided to update every month. I still take the measurements every week though.

I'm not sure what happened in 2010 because I chunked out like crazy. The strange thing is I feel like I'm in better shape now so perhaps my scale is inaccurate, but it certainly tracked the changes when I dechunked. Very curious.

I started up one of the programs in Mark Lauren's You are your own gym and have lost about half a pound of fat since then. I think I expected at least half a pound a week so I'm off pace. Exercise is actually just a small component of weight loss, but I thought I had been eating well. I cut out most sugar and eat often. I'll have to check my food journal to see if I'm eating too much.

I also play basketball once a week and shovel snow frequently, but I'm looking to add one more night of exercise. I'm thinking of a martial art, but I'm not interested in becoming an MMA fighter, but I don't want an aerobics class either. Hmmm... perhaps boxing is the way to go. If I learn to punch correctly, I can get a punching bag and speed bag for my basement. Working both of those will probably burn a serious amount of calories.

The grainy picture taken in my bathroom shows some definition starting to show in my torso, but the love handles are still there. Even with that chunk, I still don't feel like someone who's supposedly ~30% fat.

It's hard not to look at these plots without getting frustrated because 2010 nearly undid all the hard work of 2009. I definitely need to remain vigilent and to keep at it.

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