Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random thought for the day

My mood improves about a hundred fold when I exercise. Thus, I should make sure to exercise on a regular basis.

It doesn't hurt that the sun is out either.


Unknown said...

I don't really go swimming instead of gym due to bad ankles but can't in winter so I just got a Wii Fit Plus set and doing the yoga, hula hoop & boxing exercises has helped me feel better...even the gentle workout really helps put me in a better mood.

Jeremy said...

Gyms are a huge waste of money since you can get yourself into great shape at home. I recommend you take a look at Mark Laurent's You are your own gym. There are some yoga inspired exercises and some old favorites, but I think anyone could benefit.

Strength training is important for women because it helps prevent bone density loss.

I thought swimming was a low impact workout so I'm not sure why your ankles would be a problem.