Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

I checked my challenge list and I'm not making very good progress so I need to step up for sure.  I need to get smarter about my money so I can afford some of the items on there.  Will I be going to the Super Bowl this year or the next?  Hell no, but I can't even think about trying to get tickets because I'm swamped.

The holidays haven't been kind to my fitness.  I took my usual Saturday measurements this morning, but they're too bad to share.  I don't think I'll continue with the weekly fitness updates because they're depressing.  Instead, I'll post when I hit some milestones.  I signed up to play basketball through the town on Monday nights so at least I can dechunken a little bit.  I'm thinking of signing up for some boxing classes as well.  I'm also going to start one of the ten week programs in my fitness book.  I'll start with the beginner one because I'm not sure I'm able to do anything but.  Very sad for someone who was a good athlete in high school and college.  I've let myself go for far too long.

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