Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day yard work

My goal is to fill in my front yard enough such that it requires no mowing.  The soil is mostly rocks and sand and isn't big enough to justify a grass yard.

I hit Hewitt's to get some plants.  It was predictably busy with a lot of old people there.  It was funny to watch the naughty 20-something fully tatted-hottie in the short shorts ringing up people four times her age.  I got five plants:

Green mound juniper:
 I'm hoping to use this plant to line my driveway.  It should only grow about 18 inches tall, but many feet out.  I haven't decided how deep in the yard I'll let it get, but it can definitely spread out.

This plant is near my redbud forest pansy near the garage opening and is to fill in a gap.

Kobold Japanese barberry:
I'm hoping this plant can stabilize the slope in my front yard and will help fill in an empty space.

I planted this one near the juniper to fill in a corner near the trees.  It should tolerate the partial sun pretty well.

I planted the other one in a shady spot in the other corner of the front yard.  Rhododendrons grow well in my home state of Oregon and I'm pretty sure they grow well in the shade.  It won't flower for long, but it'll stay green year round which will be nice in that corner because I'm trying to block the view of the street.

My goal is to have a wall of green in my front yard so I neither see nor really hear the traffic on my street.

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